Be prepared
Contact us for tax advice so you can file in due time. We help you to simplify the complex paperwork.

Know your rights
Many people get into financial difficulties or in the form of bad files. Be aware of what to do in the face of unforeseen consequences.

Do not go alone
If you are listed for the tax audit, the last thing we recommend is not to look for a representative. Let us take the pressure off you.

Contact us today
Contact us for discretion and commitment. We have been helping with taxes for decades. Contact us today.


Don’t go into the tax year without a solid plan. You made your money. Make sure you keep as much of it as you can. The best way to do this is to be ready and organized.

We will advise you on the best way to collect all of your financial information, records and banking records so that we can go through your records in due course. Let’s simplify what can easily become a daunting, tedious process.

Plan your registration process with one of our experienced tax advisors and reduce the clutter. Bring all available documents with you and we will do everything with you.

Tax advice for small businesses
Our tax preparation welcomes small business owners. Make sure your returns are properly submitted and correct down to the mark. Come to us for a carefree tax year.

Use of control software
While technology is constantly growing by leaps and bounds, our tax advisors can compensate for the gaps in tax software. Receive advice that is specifically tailored to your financial needs.


Rely on the tax specialists in the Jülich area to solve any tax problems you may find yourself in. We work quickly and carefully to find a reasonable solution to your problem.

Come to us for an initial consultation so we can get to the same page. We can help you with the creation of a compliant financial history for the tax office. Get tax professionals who are equally well equipped to resolve any discrepancies.

Tax consulting in Jülich

schütze & wirtz represents independent and individual tax consulting for companies, freelancers and private individuals in Germany.
In addition, we offer solutions tailored to expatriates, as well as to international clients who are already invested or intend to invest in Germany.
We take the worry out of German tax.
From 1 January 2020 we also have a presence in Düsseldorf.

Tax consulting in 3 steps


You contact us (by phone, email, our contact form or at our office in Juechen).


During our first free-of-charge conversation, we discuss your requirements and how we can help you.


You receive a detailed proposal you can rely on.


You contact us (by phone, email, our contact form or at our office in Juechen).


During our first free-of-charge conversation, we discuss your requirements and how we can help you.


You receive a detailed proposal you can rely on.

Your questions

  • Who supports me with reliable bookkeeping services without having to hire a costly specialist?
  • How do I ensure that my payroll accounting is performed in a timely and reliable manner?
  • Who prepares my financial statements in a timely and reliable manner?
  • How do I get easy access to my financial statements and KPIs, even from overseas?
  • How is my business performing financially in comparison to the competition?
  • Who supports me on my tax returns in Germany?
  • How can I benefit from tax savings and avoid tax traps in Germany?

Our solutions

  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll services
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Preparation of your tax returns
  • Management accounts
  • Tax optimization
  • Digitalization
  • 24/7 mobile access to your data and KPIs

Your benefits

  • More time for your core business
  • Lean finance and administrative function
  • Compliant and timely
  • Modular and fair service packages
  • Fast access to your data at your finger tip
  • Use of tax optimization measures
  • Reduced cost of capital or financing
  • One-stop-shop tax and business consulting

Our plus for you

  • Over 40 years of experience in tax consulting
  • Experienced, aligned team and business processes
  • Individual and independent advice
  • Fair through optimal overhead structure
  • Use of newest, DATEV-based* technology
  • Financial statements and management accounts available in English, Polish and Russian
  • Large network of competent and fair certified German public auditors

* DATEV is the most developed and used financial and tax accounting solution by small-to-medium-sized companies in Germany.

What is so unique about s&w?

You benefit from solutions tailored to your needs.

Good advice needs time: we listen to you, when you need us, and put ourselves in your position, being a foreign investor or expat in Germany.

You benefit from a highly motivated team that goes the extra mile for you.

Your topics are as important as they were ours. We are entrepreneurs, too.

You benefit from independent tax consulting that has always your benefit in mind.

We contact you proactively and make recommendations to optimize your tax situation.

You benefit from proven business processes and more time for tax consulting.

Our tax office has a history of 40 years being tax consultants. We believe that the increasing digitisation of business processes is a chance for more tax consulting.

You benefit from a team that speaks your language: English, Polish or Russian.

Communication is important for a successful and results-oriented relationship. We are fluent in English and Russian and we have a native Polish speaker in our team. But not only that: we also take cultural aspects seriously.

You benefit from our strong relationships with tax authorities.

Our long-lasting and strong relationships with tax authorities, particularly in Greater Dusseldorf and Cologne, help to navigate and resolve challenges quickly.


During the current fiscal year you have sold a machine that is subject to replacement in the coming fiscal year. We notice this during the preparation of your annual financial statements. Your personal advisor of s&w contacts you proactively to discuss about opportunities to record a profit and tax reducing reserve for replacements.

You would like to know how the financial performance of your business compares to the competition. We prepare a benchmarking analysis and discuss with you potential drivers for variances to the benchmark and – if needed- develop solutions on how to reduce higher costs.

You believe that dividends of your business operations in Germany are lower than they should be. We support you on analysing important cash flow drivers and help you on mitigating potential cash flow issues.

You have the impression that your tax return is lower than expected. We analyse your tax return, your personal tax situation and support you on enforcing your claims to the relevant tax authority. Additionally, we discuss with you opportunities to optimize your tax situation.

You have missed an important deadline to submit an appeal to the tax authorities. You better contact us immediately since time is of the essence. We assess potential solutions including reinstatement into the previous status (restitutio in integrum) or procedural errors made by the tax authority that lead to an extension of the deadline.

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Team up with us to protect your financial interests

The last thing you want to do is go into your tax audit without representation. Even if it seems simple, a well-trained professional is “only” faced with a taxpayer. Let us – schütze & wirtz tax consultants / tax advice in Jülich – step in. They can be checked in three ways: by mail; Office audit; and a field audit for which at least one auditor may be unannounced.

For each of these cases, do yourself a favor of having an expert on hand to handle each of these scenarios. Trust us to take the stress out of you.