Case studies

We advise and support our clients in answering business questions and solving acute challenges in financial accounting.
A selection of case studies is presented on this page.

Preparation of an integrated business plan to assess the financial implications of the Corona-pandemic

Timeline: 09/20

Industry: Fashion

schütze & wirtz supported a medium-sized client in the preparation of an integrated business plan in connection with the assessment of possible financial effects of the corona pandemic on the company.

Our services:

  • Preparation of an integrated business plan (Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow)
  • Development scenario analysis

Support on the financial and accounting function of a multinational client

Timeline: 05/19-now

Industry: Sanitary products

schütze & wirtz provided on-site support to a multinational corporate client over a longer period (> 1 year) to stabilize and improve its financial and accounting function.

Our services:

  • Preparation and implementation of accounting planning
  • Support in the timely preparation of monthly and annual financial statements
  • Adjustment of unresolved balance sheet items
  • Checking and correcting SAP migration data
  • Preparation of an accounting manual
  • Identification and mitigation of potential tax issues
  • Communication with external auditor

Raising growth capital for a small-to-medium sized enterprise

Timeline: 05/20-10/20

Industry: Online trading

schütze & wirtz supported an SME client to successfully raise growth capital.

Our services:

  • Preparation of a business plan
  • Support in negotiations with banks
  • Involvement and cooperation with experienced financing experts

Restructuring of a small-to-medium sized company

Timeline: 02/19-08/19

Industry: Handicraft

schütze & wirtz helped a mid-sized client to successfully restructure his company, which was made possible in particular by the partial debt relief of a major creditor.

Our services:

  • Preparation of a business plan
  • Support in negotiations with major creditor
  • Cooperation with bankruptcy law experts

Sale of a small-to-medium sized company

Timeline: 04/19-10/20 (with breaks due to Corona pandemic)

Industry: confidential

schütze & wirtz helped a client to sell his small-to-medium sized company.

Our services:

  • Accompanying the seller in the sales process
  • Valuation of the company
  • Compilation of financial and tax documents for due diligence
  • Tax and financial information on the draft sales contract


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