Deadline to register POS systems at German tax office has been extended until September 30, 2020

Companies with electronic cash registers or cash register systems (“POS systems”) are obliged by the so-called “Cash Register Act” to equip them with a certified technical security device (TSE) from January 1, 2020. From January 1, 2020, companies must report their POS systems and associated certified technical security devices (TSE) to the tax office. The notification must be made using an officially published template. For taxpayers who purchased a POS systems before January 1, 2020, initially the deadline for notification was January 31, 2020. For POS systems purchased later, a registration deadline of one month after purchase applies.

However, since first TSEs were not available until the end of 2019, a letter from the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) dated November 6, 2019 resolved a non-complaint rule for POS systems without TSE after December 31, 2019; these can therefore be used until September 30, 2020 at the latest. This also extends the obligation to notify the tax office, especially since there is yet no officially published template available to report POS systems.

As soon as the officially published template to report POS systems is available, we will inform you.

Sources: NWB, IHK Ruhr

Photo: Ramiro Mendes, Unsplash

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